Culture, Leisure & Outing

We recognise that leisure activities help to refresh the mind. We provide a range of recreational activities

Staff & Volunteers

1.Mr. Yannick Mukendi

2. Mr. Bart Ngoma

3. M. Patrick Djuma

4. Ms. Livie Nkembi

5. Ms. Dalia Matuwana

6. Ms. Afia Yuma

7. Mr Guycha Mwela

8. Ms. Benedict Ngoma

9. Mr. Jean Noe

10. Mr Jean Katata

11. Mr Benjolie Leklek

Who we help

We mainly support children and young people from the Black Africanan Community in London. Currently, we are directly supporting 82 children and young people in London and approximately 500 young people benefit indirectly of our services. We also support families as well as young and lone parents accross the country.


1. Mr. Holga Vita Zola ( Chairperson) 2. Mrs. Ivette Okongo ( Vice Chair) 3. Mongay Lek-Lek ( General Secretary) 4. Mr Yila Masiala ( Vice / General Secretary) 5. Mrs Phemba Ngoma ( Treasurer) 6. Mrs Sylvie Gondola ( Vice / Treasurer) 7. Mr Muanda Malonda ( Advisor)

Your views and opinions will help to shape how we work

our partucularity

Methodical 89%
Serious 97%
Very organized 96%
Experimented 94%